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    BAAHHAH. #christucker i wish he wasn’t done with acting… too funny. #mondays #employed

    BAAHHAH. #christucker i wish he wasn’t done with acting… too funny. #mondays #employed

    — 3 weeks ago


    George Chamoun’s latest series began with a simple question: Do the movie stars of today resemble ones from the past?

    In Iconatomy, George flawlessly matches the faces of movie stars from the past and present. 

    These Movie Star Mashups are Incredible

    via Faith is Torment

    interesting. no? & to answer this question, yes i do think that the stars of today do resemble the stars of the past.

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    daily bread blog: considering the cost: a discussion - intro →

    have you considered what it takes to live this life? maybe it’s time to consider what being a true follower of Christ really means.

    — 11 months ago
    be extreme. →

    if you think living in the gray area is cool, this post is for you.

    — 11 months ago
    why are you angry? →

    ever feel like you’ve been done wrong? think that you deserved something and didn’t get it from someone you were expecting something from? this post is for you.

    — 12 months ago